Who We Are

Bingley Chamber of Trade, or to give it its full title of Bingley Chamber of Trade & Commerce, has been in existence for almost 100 years. It is the towns well established organisation for representing the interests of local businesses and helping make the town of Bingley a better place to both work and live in.

It consults regularly with Bradford Council on issues affecting the town and has a history of successfully “lobbying” the council for positive changes on a wide range of issues.

In addition the Chamber also organises a number of events withing the town to attract and encourage visitors, both local and from further afield. For many years the Chamber has organised and run the Christmas Fayre within the town which sees Santa distributing free presents to the visiting children, a range of children’s rides, many of them free to use and a Christmas themed market featuring a large array of Christmas themed market stalls.

Other Chamber organised events which have benefited the town have included Easter Fairs, musical events, food and drink fairs, farmers markets and children’s entertainments. Bingley Chamber is a non profit making organisation which is run entirely by non salaried volunteers.

If you would like to become involved and are interested in joining the Chamber to help further advance the profile of the town then please contact Jamie Illingworth, Hon President by email at; jamie@bingleychamber.co.uk